Welcome to the world of ARC Polymers Inc
an international polymer trading company servicing customers worldwide

We are an international polymer trading company servicing customers worldwide


About ARC Polymers Inc


Offer customers a portfolio of dependable and ongoing supply of specific high quality products that exceed their specifications and reduce their feedstock costs.


ARC will distinguish itself by offering customers the best selection of quality products, service and value.

ARC will take advantage of existing network of relationships and develop new strategic relationships with selected suppliers and customers.


We will earn the trust and loyalty of its suppliers and customers.

We will provide unparalleled personalized service to our partners.

We will provide OBJECTIVE and FACTUAL market information to allow customers to make better informed decisions.


ARC will conduct business in accordance with the following values:
• Respect
• Integrity
• Trust
• 100% acccountability
• Financial health
• Conduct business with individuals and companies that are not in conflict with its values


  • 1. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
  • Prime virgin resins
  • Post-consumer hot washed clear and green bottle flake with under 20 PPM of PVC
  • Post-industrial clear bottle preform regrinds
  • Post-industrial sheet regrinds
  • RPET
  • 2. PP (Polyethylene) Prime virgin resins
  • 3. PE (Polyethylene) Prime virgin resins
  • 4. Other plastic raw materials upon request.

Selling Policy

Our normal selling terms are net 30 days from date of receipt of goods. However, we offer a discount of 2% to select customers for payments received withing 10 days of the invoice date.

A customer purchase order is required to initiate all transactions and secure the material.

Clients must provide the necessary credit references and banking details in order to obtain credit terms.

Jean PeckJean Peck

Jean Peck

30 years of trusted experience in Sales, Purchasing, Finance and Administration in the Plastics Industry.

Held senior Management positions with companies ranging from a major global resin producer (Lyondell Basell) to fast growing Companies involved in compounding, extrusion and recycling.

Started his own Trading and Consulting company in 2001.

Many years of experience working with governmental agencies such as Recyc-Quebec.

Diane FortinDiane Fortin

Diane Fortin

15 years of trusted experience in Sales and Purchasing in the Plastics Industry.

Instrumental in the growth and success of her family’s business before starting her own trading company.

Contact Us


ARC Polymers Inc


4658 Coolbrook Avenue,

Montreal Canada

H3X 2K6

Jean Peck:

514 743 1213 (CAN)

716 335 1665 (USA)


Diane Fortin

514 979 6102 (CAN)